DRSK Restorative™ comes as a series of carious, filled, fractured or prepared tooth models which can be used for practicing dental restorative treatments.

DRSK Restorative models are intended for helping pre-clinical students get a better appreciation of similar clinical situations and how they have to be handled. Using DRSK Restorative in evaluation procedures and exams would allow the examinee to demonstrate their clinical judgements and decisions in addition to their dexterity and manual skills.

These models are available in different variations, and feature one or a combination of following conditions:
The place, size and shape of carious lesions, fillings and fractures in DRSK Restorative models can be customized upon request and according to the customers’ specifications.

DRSK Restorative can be installed in DRSK JAW, which is available as a separate product.

DRSK Restorative is designed and made in Sweden.

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